Operators wishing to operate in the field of retail and internet cafe, by joining the franchise system of the company inSpot SA, is holder of a recognized brandname, which will facilitate the direct sale of products, and a comprehensive knowledge package, advisory services and products.

The franchise package is designed to help the new franchise, providing him with all the necessary information and evidence which will enable it to operate successfully in the retail sector, with the launch of a store "inSpot the internet place".

To package these services, which span the business spectrum includes selecting data and staff training, marketing and advertising at local and national level, as well as data related to the store, such as location (store point selection) and configuration of internal and exterior.

At the same time, the central and essential pillar of the package of services to their franchisees, the communication strategy, advertising and event promotions, both nationally and locally. The company is preparing marketing programs and advertising and promotional campaigns under a common, communication concept - umbrella, which embraces all the shops "inSpot the Internet place". The franchisee participates in advertising investment in the network and has the power to proceed to separate actions upon written agreement with the franchisor.

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