The first store «inSpot the internet place» opened in 1999 in Thessaloniki and more specifically at Rotonda . It consisted of 100 computers, a huge number for that period of time.



The aim of the founding team was for the Rotonda store to become a meeting point for friends and for the advocators of the online gaming and eSports. This objective was utterly achieved and the people’s response exceeded all expectations . Consequently, two more stores «inSpot the internet place» opened the following two years, in Harilaou of Thessaloniki and Larissa!



From that point onwards «inSpot the internet place» started developing rapidly, while it launched its corporate site very soon. Simultaneously, the firm’s experience in the field of internet cafés and eSports enabled it to put robust foundation for further development.



inSpot SA was established in 2003 in order to meet with our strategic planning, striving to support our trial of becoming the biggest internet café chain in Greece. Therefore, the foundations of the company’s further growth had been set undeniably fast, as it has started developing through the franchising system since 2004.


«InSpot the Internet place» has been the biggest internet place chain in Greece with 65 stores from Xanthi to Syros and 450,000 registered members! Our staff is young men and women from the IT field and more than 15,000 people visit our stores on a daily basis.



Our goal always has always been for our stores to be considered as a meeting place for all those who love online gaming and eSports. We insist on perfection and keeping our stores sophisticated and comfortable , striving to provide our customers with the ultimate gaming experience and technology!



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